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Encompassing over 1.2 million acres, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area offers unparalleled opportunities for water-based & backcountry recreation. The recreation area stretches for hundreds of miles from Lees Ferry in Arizona to the Orange Cliffs of southern Utah, encompassing scenic vistas, geologic wonders, and a vast panorama of human history.Photo of Horseshoe Bend: Greg Meland (www.sharetheexperience.org)

Land Before Time by Stuartlee46

Girl from North of Pakistan (by Yury Pustovoy)
The Chronicles of a Post-Grad: My Quarter-life Crisis

My grandmother basically called me a failure because my degree “is going to waste” since I decided to not go back for my masters yet. I’m the only one out of seven grandchildren to have a degree. I have a full-time job. I’m making decent money. I’m not married. I don’t have children. And I’m the failure because my full-time job doesn’t have something history related in its title.

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